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SIMBR Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Saturation Monitor for Pulse Rate ad SpO2 Level, Alarm Function, 360°LCD Rotable Display with Adjustable Brightness, Battery, lanyard and Nylon pocket, Black

  • ★High precision: The pulse oximeter uses the most advanced technology to provide more consistent and reliable results. The accuracy of SpO2 is +/- 2%, the measurement range is 0% to 100%, the accuracy of the pulse frequency is +/- 2 bpm and 30-250 bpm, and the infusion frequency is +/- 2 bpu and 0-20%.
  • ★Easy to use: Just put the probe on the index finger and press the multi-function button. The result will be displayed directly and clearly on the LCD screen. The auto-off feature will automatically turn off 5 seconds after removing your finger to extend battery life.
  • ★Auto-rotating screen: Due to gravity detection, the PI value can be displayed in all directions without pressing a button, making it easier and faster to read the results. You can adjust the screen brightness to suit your needs.
  • ★ ALARM: When the pulse is greater than 120, or the oxygen saturation is less than 90%, the pulse oximeters emit an acoustic sound to warn users of an oxygen saturation with personalized parameters, ideal for people without experience medical.
  • ★ FOR ALL AGE: It is suitable for people of all ages, athletes, cyclists, even children and for monitoring patient health data in the medical field. It comes with batteries, nylon case and cord, easy to carry.
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