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weikin Silicone Bath Body Brush, 360°Free Rotate Ultra-Soft Back Scrubber BPA-Free Long Handle for Shower and Exfoliating

  • 😊【360°Free Rotation】The brush head of the bath brush can be rotated 360° freely, and it can touch every inch of your back to make the cleaning more clean. 304 stainless steel shaft, safe and durable.
  • 🎁【Super Soft Bristles】Super soft silicone bristles exfoliate, remove dead skin, do not damage the skin, promote blood circulation, and make your skin smoother and softer.
  • 👍【Food Grade Silicone Material】100% safe and environmentally friendly. Compared to the traditional back scrubber, Weikin’s shower brush can be dried for 10 minutes, is not easy to produce dirt, and is not easily deformed.
  • 🛁【Extra Long Handle】With a length of 14.6 inches, the body scrubber can reach every inch of your back and is suitable for all people.
  • 🛀【Perfect Ergonomic Design】The raised massage contacts on the back of the brush head allow you to relax your shoulders, neck and back. The wavy handle design makes it easier to hold.


Product Description

Weikin Multifunctional Silicone Back Scrubber for Shower

  • Choose the weikin bath brush, which will give you the experience of enjoying the SPA at home. The bath brush has soft silicone bristles and raised massage contacts that allow you to massage your neck, shoulders and back while taking a shower, so that your tired body can be effectively relaxed.
  • The back wash brush removes keratin, removes dead skin, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and relaxes your mood. Make your skin smoother and softer. Whether you are oily or dry skin, weikin’s bath brush is for you.


Compared with traditional shower brushes, the advantages of weikin bath brush:

  • Safe and environmentally friendly silicone brush head, it is not easy to produce dirt.
  • The back has a raised massage contact that can massage the whole body.
  • The extended handle allows access to every part of your body.
  • Through the FDA-certified silicone brush head, there is no harm to the human body.

Perfect ergonomic design:

  • 360°freely rotating brush head that fits every inch of your body.
  • Super soft bristles will not cause damage to the skin.
  • There is a drain in the bristles, and it is quick-drying in 10 minutes to prevent residual dirt from the source.
  • The wavy handle curve has both anti-slip and comfortable grip.

Product information:

  • Handle length: 14.56inch
  • Brush head diameter: 3.15inch
  • Applicable temperature: -10°C –90°C
  • Soft and hard bristles: super soft
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